Door Not Closing? Check the Latch!


Have you ever pushed your door closed and the door just bounces open unless you turn the knob and then close the door. This could be 1 of 2 very common problems…. Either you have a broken latch or you latch needs to be lubed.

To determine if the latch is broken, open the door and with the flat part of the palm of your hand, try to push the latch into the door. If the latch does not push in, it is broken and needs to be replaced. If the latch can be pushed in all you need is lube. We HIGHLY recommend Triflow. Triflow is a teflon based lubricant that is great for locks. Spray a small amount of Triflow on the surface of the latch and then close the door. On a properly working door, you should be able to push the center of the door and the door should close without having to turn the knob or activate the lever. As always, if you have problems call A-Locksmith-Craig and we can solve your problems.